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    (co)Work at Que Tal Hostel & Arte

    Choose between our desks, sofa, and hammock and let your creativity flow!


A hostel has the concept of sharing spaces, experiences, ideas and moments. This is why Que Tal Hostel and Art has opened its doors to the creative and independent worker looking for an inspiring place and cozy atmosphere in order to get the best work possible done in our house - your coworking space.

How does it work? 

Just send us an email, or just show up - to see if there's an available table, sofa, chair or hammock for you to work for a few hours or a few days (or more!). Once you're finished, you can pay for the time spent here directly at our reception. 

What we offer in our Coworking Space

Water and coffee is on us, and we can scan or print material for you as well. Our wifi is great, and works all throughout the house and backyard, so we're sure to guarantee you a home office, collaborative space, away from home or corporate vibes. 

Workshops and Meetings

Our multi-functional garage can also be used for meetings for your small team or clients. The space has been used for workshops, meetings, lectures, and classes. Talk to us, or look here for more information on that space! 

Ready to work? 

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