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Our Hostel

Our hostel is set in a refurbished 1930's house, that used to be home to a big family that also owned the traditional barber shop out front that still exists!

In the past the house was one of the very few houses on Vergueiro Street, when most of the neighbors were farms. For this reason, the neighborhood farmers would come to the house to collect their mail, since this was one of the only addresses in the region. By that time, the house was a meeting spot for neighbors to interact with each other.

The house's history was very important to us when we choosing the house to be Que Tal Hostel & Arte - a place to share experiences, interact with the neighborhood and all travelers looking for an amazing time, and a great place to relax in this hectic city called São Paulo.

Meet the Team


Receptionist and super careful


Angelica moved from a city called São João da Boa Vista in search of new experiences and development. In the Hostel she found a job that turned a hobby . Always super helpful and friendly with guests , you can count on her with whatever you need during your stay. You will find her on the morning shift